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QR Code for your wine bottles - good or bad?

If you’re not using QR Codes on your bottle of wine you’re missing out on sales. If you are using QR Codes on your bottle of wine, you’re missing the point.

The biggest reason the vast majority of wine consumers stick to the same wine they got used to is UNCERTAINTY

When you pay an average of $17 for a bottle of liquid, you want to know if it’s worth it. And what better than a now-trendy QR code to do the job for you.

Do you have a QR Code on your wine? 

Are you one of those wineries that brings the QR Code scan to your website?. Wine code

When a consumer scans your QR Code from YOUR bottle of wine they are looking to purchase. Bringing them to a webpage is the same as telling them to figure it out by themselves. I’ve yet to see a consumer excited about that. 

We are in the era of landing pages. The least you could do is to bring them to the relevant page. 

You would miss out on engaging with him/her and consistent sales.

We know for a fact that when a consumer scans a QR Code; it is to find an answer, a motivation to buy this bottle of wine. Ideally, you, as the wine producer, would like to be there and tell him/her all about your wine, hoping one thing you say will trigger some positive reaction. The ideal one to buy. 

When you’re not there to talk to them about your wine the same way you do at the winery visit, what’s the next best thing? 

Imagine this, just as he/she scans your bottle of wine’s QR Code, you appear as a hologram and ask, “what can I do for you?” Wouldn’t that be cool? :) 

Mobil holo

Meanwhile, at WINE A BEE we have developed a video interaction that engages with your future customers from the moment they scan your QR Code. 

It’s a video of you, us, of your best presenter that talks about the wine which is being scanned and asks questions to the viewer, like, is it for a dinner, or as a gift? Do you prefer intense flavour or something light? Are you a casual wine drinker or a regular one?” 

Each answer will bring them to the relevant part of the video.

Furthermore, all their answers will be stored on WINE A BEE Mobile App so that next time they can go straight to the point or have a personalized video experience related to his/her group/segmentation. 

I.E. like for those who are regular red wine drinkers, you could open the next QR code reading from your white wine, Good for you to try another type of wine. Here’s what you can do with this white wine as opposed to your regular red…” 

Or for those who have selected “family dinner”, you could suggest your latest dessert wine as a complement. 

All these possibilities from a single scan of your bottle of wine’s QR code. Code wine

Compared to the hologram scenario, this one is possible for you right NOW, only with WINE A BEE™️ Mobile Application

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