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5 mistakes you do when serving your wine

Your visitors might not tell you your wines are not ready. As a sommelier trying to sell your local wine, it's the most common "secret" many of my...

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QR Code for your wine bottles - good or bad?

If you’re not using QR Codes on your bottle of wine you’re missing out on sales. If you are using QR Codes on your bottle of wine, you’re missing the...

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Two easy tips to sell more wine

If you only rely on emails and newsletters to keep in touch with your contacts, soon enough you will see a decline in opening rates, and ultimately,...

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How easy is it to buy your wine?

If you could read your customer's mind and be there for the purchasing step, imagine how much wine you would be selling. Read on to find out how we...

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Don't send an email to do a text's job

Email is great, but SMS is better. The average opening rate of an email is 20%, almost insignificant compared to 98% of an SMS. Find out how you can...

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