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How to increase your sales by 20% with a FREE simple tweak

If your eCommerce website is running under Shopify, Magento, Woo-Commerce or Opencart, we have good news for you: by simply adding our FREE plugin, you will increase your sales from the moment it’s installed.

Here’s how it works. 

  • Paul visits your winery and purchases some of your wines.
  • Eventually, visit your website and browse through your selection.
  • Perhaps pay more attention to prices and your Cabernet. 

Those are only a few examples of the information IMPERATIVE to understanding your client’s behaviours to personalise your emails accordingly. 

“Buy my wine” 

is never as effective as

Hi Paul, we noticed you rated a 5/5 on our Cabernet earlier." 
"You get a 10% discount this weekend. Want us to drop off some on Monday? 

This is the level of personalisation you require to increase your sales. 

But how do you automate the whole process? 

This is where our plugin comes in:

  • collect all the data
  • calculates what Paul is most likely to buy next
  • sends him a personalised email once or twice a month

Automatically! That’s right, you have nothing to do. 

And it’s all done in full respect of privacy. 

This FREE service will benefit your winery tremendously. 

All it requires is a small tweak, a simple plugin added to your actual website. 

If you are running one of those e-commerce websites ...

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