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If the name of your winery was Romanée-Conti

selling your wine would probably be a lot easier, wouldn’t it? 😃 That’s authority.

This example is worldwide but more locally means that you are the “must visit” winery in your region.  The one that everyone says, “Oh! You have to visit {your_winery} if you’re ever near there.” 

As a winegrower with authority, your

  • emails are forwarded and shared
  • social media posts are liked & reposted
  • webpage is saved as a favourite and often visited
  • promoters recruit customers for you. 

In short, your selling price is not an issue any longer.  

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Here’s how we do it

At the end of my Wine Workshop last week, Pierre came to tell me, “Before tonight I had no interest in wine. I just found myself a new hobby. Thank you, Dany.”  

A few days later Pierre placed an order for 2 cases of wine which I decided to deliver myself. He was thrilled and took the opportunity to tell me that he has already organised 2 workshops for his neighbours, friends and family. He also started to use our mobile App WINE A BEE and “imposed” it on everyone around him, to use it. He also vowed to only buy local wine from now on. Watch the interview with Pierre, here. 

This is only one example of how I gained the position of authority on my first meeting with Pierre. And not only did he change his purchasing habits, but he also became one of my most active promoters. 

Pierre wasn’t a fluke nor an exception. He was invited by Barbara who was also a participant months earlier. The knowledge given to her about wine made so much sense that she too immediately switched over to local wines and invited me to convince her friends and neighbours. And that’s how I met Pierre. 😃

And that’s how it multiplies, effortlessly, organically, for free. 

How to get authority and differentiate your winery from the others?

Your goal is to be easily seen and provide educational content that clearly shows you know what you are doing and that you care about giving and serving, rather than jumping right to the sale.

6 key strategies to grow your customer base organically

  1. Understand your audience. Take it from their perspective. ...
  2. Choose the Right Channels. ...
  3. Provide Real Value. ...
  4. Be Consistent. ...
  5. Engage Your Community. ...
  6. Build Relationships With Experts & Influencers.

Here’s one example of how it works. 

Taking it from the perspective of your audience is to know where they’re at and take to it from there. Instead of saying, “my wine is great with fish” I say, “did you ever drizzle a lemon over salmon?”. 

The first sentence is unlikely to create an emotional trigger. The 2nd, however, will bring back some positive memories to which you could add, “Delicious isn’t it? Well, that’s what my white wine does, but better” 

Now adapt this message to all your communication channels and you can see why your audience will want to share it. 

Give your contacts the opportunity to be the wine authority in their own circle of friends and family. Give them the material they need to convert them into customers. 

WINE A BEE gives you all that you need to make it happen. 

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