Selling wine is simple; make it the least resistant as possible

How easy is it to buy your wine? Are you like Smokie from Smokie Ridge Vineyard having to actualise your website to increase sales?

Are you like Smokie from Smokie Ridge Vineyard having to actualise your website to increase sales?

An e-commerce website is not only expensive, it’s also time-consuming to create and maintain.

And that’s only half the story; you will need to generate traffic considering most consumers are on Mobile Devices now

“Spending money on modernizing your website is like buying a fax machine to compete with the internet.” 😁

I met with Smokie last week to present him a better solution to delegate all his DtC duties to us, WINE A BEE™️ Mobile Application. 

  • FREE of charge
  • Risk-free
  • 30 minutes to set up 

Click here to view on YouTube or below from this browser. (3 min. view)

Click here to download the template sent to Smokie mentioned in this video.

Now, when visitors come to his winery, not only do they leave with his wine but with a means of communication that engages his new customers.

WINE A BEE™️ allows him to:

  • Make it easy to purchase his wine
  • Keep in touch with In App Messages + Texts
  • Know what his customers really think of his wine
  • Help his customers share their comments/ratings with friends + family
  • Carry on educating/engaging them with Tik Tok like animations about wine
  • And so much more

All of those possibilities are only available with WINE A BEE™️ Mobile Application.

No website update can compete with that! 

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