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9 Tips to get the most out of your wine

Wine appreciation starts with knowledge. Here are 9 essential tips to start with...

  1. Choose your wine before you choose the food to pair it with. You have better chances to get it right.
  2. The more info you get about a bottle of wine, the better the experience. If you find no info then this wine isn’t worth it!
  3. The price you pay for a bottle of quality wine is a good indication of the complexity, length and strength of a wine. Use accordingly.
  4. Good wine is the expression of a specific terroir and grape varieties, with minimal intervention by the winegrower. Most sold wines in the world are far from being even close to that! Choose wisely.
  5. Make sure to always serve at the right temperature to perceive the true flavours intended by the winegrower. 
  6. If a wine doesn’t feel right, close it back, leave it in the fridge or your kitchen counter and try again the next day. That is often the time a well-made wine takes to open. 
  7. Most dry wines need to be carafe a least 2 hours before serving.
  8. Note from 1 to 5 the wine you like. Will help choose the right one next time.
  9. Make sure you’ve got good company: a beautiful wine is better to appreciate by beautiful people! Just saying! :) 
Above all, if you need more info, don’t hesitate to contact me. Always a pleasure to help you get the most of my wines! t 


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