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Two easy tips to sell more wine

If you only rely on emails and newsletters to keep in touch with your contacts, soon enough you will see a decline in opening rates, and ultimately, your sales.

Email is still the best way to reach your audience but 2 factors are important to take into consideration:


The more you personalise your messages, the more effective it becomes. I.E.

Buy our wine

is not as effective as 

Hi Paul, we've noticed you’ve rated a 5/5 on our Cabernet earlier. We deliver in your area tomorrow, want us to drop off our Merlot to try it out?” 😀

When it comes to selling more wine, Mobile Devices rule. 

In-App Messages are the ideal way to segment + renew contact!



Renewed attention

Want it or not, eventually, the novelty of your email will wear off. That’s why it’s so important to have other means of communication.  

When your contacts don’t bother opening your emails anymore, how do you keep in touch? 

All of those possibilities are only available with WINE A BEE™️ Mobile Application

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